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If you have problems with headbands slipping off your head as most of us do, these wire headbands are a game changer. Each twist-on headband features a soft & bendable wire carefully inserted inside, making them both comfortable and non-slip! This also means no more tension headaches because there's no elastic pulling at your hairline as traditional headbands do.

Can be twisted into 'pin-up' style ears, rosettes, or worn backwards with the smooth band at the front. Experiment by bending and twisting on to create your own custom look.

Available in both adult & children's sizes in a wide array of both new and upcycled knit textiles.

Overstitched Oval

Where can I try these headbands on?

Located in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada, please contact us if you'd like to make arrangements to stop by in person.

Also check out our "Events" tab to view the list of all the markets + shows we are participating in.



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